Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Started

There is a lot to choose from out there in the crafting world, picking the wrong craft can cost you! Trust I am a habitual dabbler! Yes i admit it, I still dabble all over the place in way to many crafts. But hey all that dabbling is going to help all of you so at least it's not a total waste. Not to mention all the fun times I've had. The problem with dabbling is the expense and space. I highly recommend buying a book or two about the craft you are thinking of trying out before you start in. Most all of them require a lot of tools and it seems that they are never the same tools from craft to craft. I hope to help with the choosing aspect throughout my blogging by going over different crafts and reviewing craft books. Some are better than others! I've also found throughout my crafting that there are a lot of different places to buy all these tools and supplies and that part alone could drive someone crazy! I live on a budget so finding the right price is important to me, I'll share what I've found through the years ... but its always changing so the process is never over.

Thanks for stopping by I hope I can help you become One Crafty Mama!

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